December 13, 2014

When Infertility Affects Men

I considered myself lucky having borne two healthy kids.  They do not only have normal physical attributes but they have grown up to be intelligent and smart.  I feel so blessed in this aspect and perhaps I can attribute this to me and my hubby's healthy life style. I am equally blessed to have a husband who doesn't smoke at all and he only drinks beer on certain occasions.  He also adopt a healthy life style by eating the right kinds of foods and going to the gym regularly.  You see, some couples are not lucky to have a child due to infertility problems.

Infertility doesn't only affect women.  Today, more and more men are also experiencing male infertility.  The most common cause of infertility is varicocele.  Varicocele is enlarged varicose veins that occur in the scrotum.  According to the experts at Pregnancy, other causes of male infertility are semen disorder and testicular failure.  Another chunk of percentage is unexplained or unknown.  As a woman, what you can do if you and your partner are having difficulty trying to conceive is to show that you support your partner.  Take care and change your lifestyle together, avoid eating junk foods and get rid of smoking and drinking alcohol if you are. Staying healthy is one of the keys to boost your chances of conceiving.

As parents, our role is to ensure that we are not only aiming to have a family but a healthy family and these healthy habits should start right now if we are aiming to conceive a baby safely.  Having a baby at home is every couple's dream and there surely ways to make this thing come in to a reality.

December 12, 2014

Let's be Happy For Aiza and Liza!

It seems that 2014 is a year for tying knots especially for showbiz couples.  This time, its Aiza Seguerra and long time partner, Liza Dino.  I used to watch Aiza at a noon time show "√čat Bulaga" and I never imagined that she will grow up to be a lesbian but what is admirable about Aiza is that she was able to make a name for herself through her own efforts and being a well known Acoustic singer is the last thing that I expect her to be. But she was indeed successful and her music is one of a kind.  I really love Aiza's voice and her every fantastic performance on stage with her ibanez gb10 is something that you will always look forward to.  She also starred in several movies and TV shows and remained active until now.  Her love story is indeed a revelation.  Marrying the love of her life is the greatest gift she can give to herself.  She did find a way to marry Liza even to the point of having it done in US.  That's true love perhaps!

Well, let's wish Aiza and Liza the best of luck to their new life as a married couple. Everybody deserves to be happy.  Aiza and Liza prove that love really conquers all.

November 27, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

I was super duper busy the past weeks that drawing out my plans for the holiday season was taken into back seat.  The 40 days of my mother who just passed away last October 16 has just been concluded last November 24.  I was actually waiting for my Mom's 40 days to be completed before I move on to my plans.  I also took that opportunity to look after the things that were left undone at home.  I was very busy almost the whole month of October until mid November catching up with so many things.  In fact, I was on hiatus on my blogs for quite sometime now.  I am also not as active as before online.  

Well... this Christmas, I also have few things in my list.  Here it goes:

  1. I want to have a simple Christmas dinner with some members of the extended family.  Perhaps, just a simple but a meaningful one.   
  2. I was burdened financially when my mother was hospitalized and passed away.  I did not anticipate that she will be undergoing serious medical treatments and the hospital bill was quite alarming.  I used up my savings to support her needs but despite of this experience, I still wish to be able to buy simple gifts for Christmas.  After all, it's one of the symbols of Christmas.
  3. I want to relax and watch some movies with my son and daughter during the Christmas season.  Actually this ha been a tradition for years. :)
  4. I want to pamper myself with spa treatments, perhaps that will be my Christmas gift to myself. I do everything at home and usually tired on a day to day basis.  I think I deserved a break.
  5. I want to send donation in kind to a foundation caring for the elders, that will be in memory of my Mom.
  6. I want to strenghten my faith and share the goodness of the Lord through my own personal life experiences.  I want others to experience God's love as much as I did.
  7. Given a chance, I want to complete the "simbang gabi", if not at least 50% of it.

So that's my Christmas wish list! I hope that I would be able to do it all.

What's yours? 

October 23, 2014

Live Bands

We were on our way to Harbor Point Ayala Mall when we were caught by the traffic.  It's not really that bad though, but it's enough to cause a little delay arriving on our destination.  I almost forgot, it's "Mardigras" month in Olongapo and as usual, there will be a huge party on the street along Magsaysay Drive.  I saw them installing the stage, the lights and the sound system.  I suppose there will be a big crowd.  Who doesn't to watch and hear live band presentations for free?  I saw them installing monster cable as well, so expect the unexpected.

I am missing my brother who used to be the emcee during "Mardi Gras", unfortunately he passed away this month, so I'm sure Octoberfest celebration will be a lot different this year without him. Anyway, I hope I could have the time to be there which is near to impossible as I got really exhausted with all the misfortunes our family experienced this month.  

Anyway, life has to go on.  

October 2, 2014

Exploring My Kitchen

Long after I decided to stay home for good, I began to explore in the kitchen for a variety of reasons. I want to make up for the lost times with my kids.  I wanted to cook for them all their favorite foods and given the opportunity, more dishes and snacks that I haven't prepared before.  It's been 7 years that I was away from home and it is for this reason that I missed up on a lot of happenings in the kitchen.  The truth is, I love to cook and bake and I love to explore every possible way to discover new staples from my kitchen.

Chicken salad for sandwiches

Atchara and Ampalaya Salad

Home Made Beef Tacos

Hotdog Sandwiches and Fried Vegetable Lumpia

I also love to prepare meals and present them artistically on the table.  Not only will this delight my kids but it will also make our lunch or dinner more interesting.  In fact, my kids are always excited what I am up to present for their dinner.

Here are few of the examples of what I've prepared:


I will continue to explore my kitchen as serving delicious foods to my family has always been a pleasure for me.

September 18, 2014

Home Made Pizza

It's not a secret that my daughter loves pizza and this is the reason why you can always chance upon us at Greenwhich and Sam's Pizza Hauz. (lol) But ordering a pizza every now and then will really kill your pocket. Why not? Pizzas are expensive especially when you order it from high end stores.  So my frugal spirit has guided me to find ways to satisfy our craving without being too harsh on my budget.  The end result? tadah....home made pizza!

If you could notice from the photos, I made several with different flavors.  For the ingredients, I choose what my kids prefer.  They love ground beef so this became the primary ingredient in all the pizza flavors I made.  I just add some of this and that to other servings and voila! we have a hearty pizza dinner.

The best consolation by the way is that I only spend about Php80 per pan and for us, that's a great savings!

Happiness indeed!

August 30, 2014

Remembering Saigon

Every time I walk along a busy street in the city, I can't help but remember Saigon.  My first time in Saigon was truly amazing.  I was amazed with how they could use motorcycles as their primary means of transportation. Some of my Vietnamese friends told me that owning a car in Saigon is only possible for very rich families as cars are really expensive there.  No wonder every time I want to cross the street, it feels like it will take me forever to wait, as the street is really really full of motorcycles. Motorcycles are quite cheap in Saigon and shops selling motorcycle accessories can be seen almost everywhere.  Students and office workers usually use motorcycle as their means of transportation and I could even see high school students driving their own motorcycles which I think wouldn't be allowed in the Philippines unless you're 18.

I once thought of buying one there and bring home to the Philippines together with some motorcycle accessories but where to find motorcycle shipping quotes? 

Oh well, that plan together with a plan of buying shih tzu pups which are also really cheap in Vietnam did not materialize at all until I left Vietnam in 2012.  I am glad though that I was able to witness Vietnam's culture and how it differs in many aspects with Philippine culture.  The next time I visit Saigon, perhaps I will still find tons of motorcycles on the streets but this certainly make Vietnam unique in that aspect.

August 28, 2014

$1 Eyeglasses Promo

Are you in need of new glasses but hesitant to get one because of their high prices?  Do you desire the versatility of several pairs of eyeglasses without the usual high investment? which offers chic and superior eye-wear at affordable prices is going to have a $1 eyeglasses campaign!  This will run from August 28, 2014 up to September 3, 2014.

During that period, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1.  The qualifying available eyeglasses will be various in type which you can choose from the list given in our website.  Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited, so are the quantities of available frames and lenses.

Head over to and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe.

August 15, 2014

Hubby's Specialties!

Grilled Fish with his signature dressing 

Creamy Carbonara 


When hubby is home and he does not have much projects to do in the house, he would always go to the market ( his favorite thing to do) and buy some food items and ingredients for his special recipes either for our lunch, dinner or "merienda".  He loves to cook (that's for sure) and he is very good in "presentation".  

Whenever we throw a party in the house, our guests, especially our kids friends and classmates would always compliment the foods and the way these were presented.  Normally, they would think that we have the foods catered in our house but the truth is, it was just a "labor of love" from all the family members headed by hubby.  That's the benefit of a family who shared the same passion. As my kids grew up, I've noticed that they would love to do what we normally do, thus I believe that what you normally show to your kids will influence them greatly in the future. 

My son (my eldest) also loves to cook now and he's also quite good in designing.  He is in fact, my partner in our cup cake business.      


August 14, 2014

The Power of Music

Music has always been a part of my life from the day that I began to see life to the day that I began to understand things on my own, music has always been my faithful companion.  What would life be without music? For me, music is a direct reflection of my life.  Apart from being a source of entertainment, music for me is an expression of one's thought and feelings. Music is a kind of art that progresses over time but it is a perfect form of art which never restricts us the way the other form of entertainment does. It's positive effects on one's growth and development is beyond question.  It brings out the creative side of every individual and doesn't choose any specific age or gender. It forms part of every cultural and social activity and a perfect expression of joys and triumph as well as mourning and failures.  

Even during my young age, I am always fascinated with people who can play guitar or any other forms of musical instruments.  For me, they are such a genius!  I once thought that the quality of the musical instrument being played has something to do with a great music but how about those great people in history who played great music even with just a set of bamboo organs?

I had a chance to visit and found a great collection of musical instruments there. It would be great to have one from their guitar collection and start playing guitar though I think it's already quite late for me (lol).  

I just wish that my daughter would pursue her interest in music and just continue my dream as a frustrated guitarist.  I think that would be more fun. What we can't do as parents now can always be passed on to our children, anyway.  What do you think? :)


July 21, 2014

A Special Night For Mika - Her JS Prom

I wasn't here last year when my daughter Mika attended her JS Prom. I was still working abroad that time and it's quite impossible for me to be here in the Philippines to witness every important milestone in the life of my kids.  What I do is, I normally choose the most important ones like the recognition days and graduation. It was kind of hard for an OFW like me to fulfill my obligation as a Mom since I have a career to look after. Nonetheless, I tried my best to assist them where possible like helping them in their school projects and research works which I could do online.  I also remembered to have written a declamation piece for my son when he was chosen to represent their school for a competition.  He won second place that time and I was just so proud being able to fulfill my role as a Mom assisting them in every way I can even we're miles apart.

I was truly sad that I was not here to witness Mika's prom in school last year but I took part in choosing the gown that she had worn that night, which I'm glad  to have fitted her well.

Mika at Ambyanz salon for her hairdo and make up. She looks quite excited!

I think she still looks like a baby even with her make up on 

Mika with her shih-tzu pet, Lucio

with her newly adopted babies (lol)

all set for the party 

 checking her eye lashes :)

I'm glad that my son was able to compile his little sister's photos, at least I could still witness how did she look that evening.  I think everything was perfectly alright for her. Her dad and "kuya" were both beside her from the time that she had her make up until the time that she had worn her gown down to the party venue, but oopps, they did not join her there of course.  I'm very happy though that even when I'm not here that evening, everything works well with her.

I love her dearly and she knows that so well.  

July 5, 2014

Sunday Lunch To Remember

For the nth time, we had our special Sunday lunch at home a.k.a. "Boodle Fight".  I requested hubby to have a repeat of the "boodle fight" experience we had during his last year's vacation. This is actually the kind of dishes that we truly love, everything grilled to perfection (lol).

Me and my son have one thing in common and that's our lope for sauces and dips.  Our meal at home or even at restaurants will never be complete without a number of sauces and dips lined on our table.  This just make our dining experience more pleasant and satisfying.  Hubby and daughter though don't share the same interest, they could have their meals even without dips at all and it's quite surprising especially for us who love sauces and dips that much. 

Hubby prepared everything from marinating, grilling, cutting the veggies and mangoes and even preparing the dips and sauces.  Everything on the table is yummy!

We actually had this kind of dishes from a restaurant at Harbor Point and mind you, a "boodle fight" package is not really cheap there.  You could really save a lot if you will just have these prepared at home and "one to sawa" pa. :)

This is one of those memorable Sunday lunches that we had at home last summer and hopefully, we could have it on a regular basis, why not?   Have you tried "boodle fight" at home, too?  How was the experience?

June 15, 2014

My Carrot Cup Cakes

One weekend, I decided to bake some carrot cakes for hubby and kids.  It's one special day that we're complete at home, so I just thought that having some special snack served on the table is a must.  Besides, I'm in the mood to bake that day!

Well, it's been a while that we ceased to get cup cake orders from our customers.  Since hubby arrived home last April 23, we've been very busy with our home projects and we're practically going to our other house that's under repair and improvement for almost a month so attending to our cup cake business would be tough under this situation.

However, for the love of my family, I took a day off from my busy schedule to bake some carrot cup cakes.  hubby has been complaining that he didn't had that chance to taste yet our home made cup cakes but instead of baking our signature chocolate moist cup cakes, I've chosen to bake carrot cup cakes para healthy!   

My son Edmar, who was also in the mood that day volunteered to make some sugar icing which he used to decorate the cup cakes.  I wanted to put some cheese cream for toppings but I wasn't able to get it from the super market so I just made use of what we have at home.

I baked 24 pcs of carrot cup cakes and it lasted until the following day.  The presence of a house help who did the laundry and ironing also contribute to the fast consumption of my baked goodies. lol

It was one of those sweet moments that I get to do what inspire me most....baking!!  

June 10, 2014

Condo Unit or House and Lot?

During our recent visit to Baguio, we were billeted in a hotel which is actually situated inside a commercial building.  Aside from the hotel, you can also find some condo units.  I think the owner of the hotel and condos is only one. There is an office beside the hotel lobby where you could inquire about owning condo units.

I wish we have one condo unit in Baguio where we could stay for vacations.  Oh well, that's a big dream! Kidding aside, I was actually thinking if it's better to own a condo unit than a single detached residential house.  We've actually invested on 3 properties but owning a condo never crossed my mind.  I am actually curious if owning condo unit would be far better than a residential house and lot.  Some friends said it's more practical as condominium is more secured and comes with a complete package.  Most have swimming pools, park, club houses, etc but the only downside is that you have to pay monthly dues.  Aside from that, there is no opportunity for expansion as you just practically own one fixed space   Also, if you want to have your own garden, it's not quite possible as you don't actually own a yard.

However, living in a condo also have it's own advantages.  I guess a condominium unit is easier to manage and maintain and you can easily go on an out of town or out of the country vacation without worrying much on who would look after your home as the entire building is secured and well guarded.  Because of these points, I am also tempted to own a condo, if given the opportunity and resources, of course.

For most company workers, owning a condo is much easier than building their own homes as there are so many real estate developers who are selling out condo units at a much affordable price with greater options and easy payment schemes.  I am not sure though for miami condos for sale.   

As a property owner myself, I also see the advantages of having single detached houses as we could do what we want with the property.  Having projects for improvements each year also make us inspired and fulfilled.  Anyway, whether you want to own a house or a condo, what is important is we know our goals and we know exactly what we want so there will be no regrets in the end.  After all, owning our own home sweet home is always everyone's dream.

June 3, 2014

OMF Lit's Incredibulk Sale

Oh yes, it's back to school once again and for book lovers out there, this is indeed a great news...

Here’s the solution for those who want to buy a lot of books on a tight budget. OMF Lit Bookshop brings back THE INCREDI-BULK SALE! For as low as P500, customers can already take home 5 books! Other bulk deals include 10 books for Php 800, 20 books for Php 1500 and 50 books for Php 3000.

Gladys Doronila, product manager of OMF Literature, explains, “It’s not a fixed bundle so customers are free to choose what to include in their set of books. It will surely be fun as they build a stack of books with new finds as well as titles which they’ve been wanting to have.” Customers will find international best-selling books written by Max Lucado, Gary Chapman, John Eldredge and best-selling local works by Grace Chong and Harold Sala.

Kids can also make a bulk-bundle of their own with the Hiyas Kiddie Mix, where they can select any 10 titles from Hiyas for only Php 400. The kid’s pile includes books by Palanca winners Grace Chong and Dr. Luis “Tito Dok” Gatmaitan and National Children’s Book Awardee Robert Magnuson.

Book shoppers will enjoy 20% off on regular-priced imported titles, including Bibles and multi-media materials. Gladys Doronila shares, “It’s a great way to invest in books that will help them grow spiritually. It’s a terrific opportunity to pick up that inspirational gift for a friend or loved one. It’s a can’t-miss deal.”

May 22, 2014

Our Little Marcus is Sick!

Our little Marcus is now currently sick! He's having this skin rashes and infection all over his face.  I think it's quite itchy as we would sometime wake up in the morning seeing him with blood all over his face.  We already brought him to his Vet for consultation and was prescribed with the proper antibiotics , however, he already had consumed few bottles and the infection seems to be recurring from time to time.   Poor Marcus! We cannot bring him out of the house for a walk as we do not want his face to be exposed to dust and bacteria as it may just aggravate his worsening condition.  Aside from the regular dose of medicine, his wounds are being cleaned and sanitized and sometimes covered with gauze pad to prevent him from scratching his wound.    

I'm wondering what may have triggered his skin infection.  Is it the shampoo that he's using?  I would admit, we sometimes use Sunsilk, Palmolive or Cream Silk whenever we bathe him especially when he ran out of his dog shampoo and come to think of it, man's shampoo smells better and we love him smelling fresh and clean all day.  We cuddle him and hug him sometimes, so it is essential for him to be totally clean and smelling good.  As I browse online, I came across this site,  and they have this special line of shampoo and hair care products for our beloved pets.  Not only that, they also have these amazing pet home essentials, toys and pet food and treats.  Our dog's Vet advised us to be very particular about the product we use in bathing our Marcus as this can also cause his infection.

Right now, he's still recuperating from his illness and hopefully, he'll get better soon.  We can't wait to bring him to our next weekend swimming get away.

May 5, 2014

Strawberry Milk Shake

One of the best things that we got from going to Baguio is feasting with fresh strawberries.  We all know that strawberry is one of many products that Baguio is mighty proud of.  Strawberries are abundant in Baguio and you could find it everywhere in Baguio from the souvenir and "pasalubong" stores down to the tourist spots, to the public market and even on the side walks. I love strawberry best when it's fresh.  I would normally dip it into salt and I swear it really tastes heavenly!

I bought few kilos from Baguio during our recent trip.  As much as I wanted to buy more, it can't be done as we are already carrying a lot of stuff.  Besides, strawberries won't really last long.  This is exactly what happened as I still have a pack of strawberries left unconsumed and these are already getting over ripe.  So, I've decided to prepare strawberry milk shake out of the remaining strawberries and we really had a great time enjoying our fresh strawberries in it's new form... milk shake!

The whole family enjoyed their share of the fresh strawberry milk shake and we were able to have another bonding time together. of the best summers that we had!

April 30, 2014

Preparing for our Trip

Our trip to Baguio did not come as a surprise as we have long planned for it even before hubby arrives.  We have made a pledge to each other that we would take time out to go for an out of the country or an out of town vacation once in a while.  He only stays with us 2 months in a year so we have to make the most of his time with us.

I have prepared our trip itinerary about two weeks before he arrives home.  I wasn't able to make a hotel booking though that early as I am not yet certain about the exact date that we have to go.  Packing our clothes and leaving the house in an instant is not possible as we have so many things to consider like who's going to look after the house and my old aged Mom, who's going to feed our three dogs and who's going to look after my garden.  I don't want to see our pets and my plants already died of dehydration when we arrives home.  That would not certainly be a good thing to welcome us back.  

After fixing everything and having hired a reliable "helper" to look after my Mom, our house and pets, we already set the date.  Everything comes so easily though as we have managed to get everything in place before the big date.

Getting a hotel accommodation for us is not so easy though as it's peak season but I was able to do it on the last minute. Thanks God, I was able to choose a good hotel despite the rush.

On the night before we leave, our pet shih-tzu seemed to be troubled as if he could feel that we're leaving him behind.  He managed to squeeze himself inside the luggage and we all had a good laugh seeing him that way.

With all the preparations we've made, we were that hopeful that our Baguio trip will turn out to be a great one!

April 9, 2014

How Can I Get the Most Money When I Sell My Car?

People often ask, “I want to sell my car in Florida, but how can I make sure I get the most money possible?” In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways you can increase the asking price for your car so that people will be happy to pay for it.

Finding the Right Price

The first thing you need to do is find out what your car is reasonably worth. Consider its condition, including how many miles are on the odometer, how recently you’ve had any work done on it, and if there is rust or denting on the body. One way to put a number to it is to look online at the Kelly Blue Book site, which is one of the most credible and popular methods of valuating your vehicle. You might be tempted to upgrade the condition of your car once you see how much more you could ask for a vehicle in excellent condition rather than something in fair or poor condition, but resist the temptation. Be honest with yourself or get an objective third party to rate what condition they consider your car to be in. If you try to ask too much, you’ll have a difficult time selling; you could also end up getting someone angry enough with you for the deception to come after you legally.

It’s All in the Presentation

You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a house that looked messy and trashed, so spend some time thoroughly cleaning the car. Even if it’s only in fair condition, a clean car will sell faster – and more likely it will sell at the top end of your blue book value. Remove trash, vacuum everywhere, and clean and polish the interior so it shines. Do the same for the outside, sanding away rust spots and retouching the paint as necessary. You can also hose down the engine and use a scrub brush to rub away dirt and grime.

Advertise in the Right Places

Now it’s time to get the word out. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to sell a car; it seems someone’s nephew or cousin or brother is always on the lookout for a vehicle they can afford. You can also place a sale sign in the window, making sure that the lettering is clear and legible (be sure to include an asking price. Most people won’t take the time to call you if they think you expect them to make the first offer). You also have the option of advertising in free online classifieds, both locally and nationally. If you have a great car to sell that is a classic or has very desirable features, you can find niche sites that will be thrilled to list your car for their customers, either for free or at a nominal price. And finally, if you have a junker that doesn’t run and that no one wants, there are always the used part lots that will buy it from you. There’s no excuse for you now when you wonder, “How can I sell my car in Florida?” You’ve got the information you need and you can start working on getting the best payout possible.

March 23, 2014

Dog Bed

I wanted to make a bed for our pet shih-tzu.  He's our little darling and he deserves something better than lying on a piece of rag.  I saw this DIY dog bed made from a broken wooden chair.  See how elegant it is now? :)

It was made possible by adding few adjustments to the feet of the chair and adding a cushion which serves as the mattress for the bed.  Really awesome!

I wonder what our pet Marcus would feel after we are able to make one for him. :)


March 17, 2014

It's a Reunion!

One more month to go and we will be complete again as a family.  Hubby is taking his home leave soon and we are all excited to see him again.  This time, it will be more fun as we don;t have limited time to spend together.  As you may all know, I've already resigned from my job and now staying at home for good.  I know it's still too early for a retirement but I've decided  to stay and work from home.  I've never been in this situation for so many years. In fact, this is my first time to stop working as I'm gainfully employed since I was single and just a year after I graduated from college.  I'm not totally idle though as I am still working from home.  The only difference is that I can now attend to the needs of every member of the family.  

Hubby is also excited to be home once again.  He told me that he had already bought a lot of "pasalubong's" for us and he's a bit worried that he may exceed his baggage allowance.  I was lucky to have a husband who loves to bring home "pasalubongs".  He never brings home lee oskar diatonic harmonica from guitar center though, usually it's more of foods and personal stuff.  It semed like a fiesta every time he's home that's why everyone in the family is so excited to see him again. Aside form the fact that he loves to cook and eat, he is a person with a positive disposition, too. 

We are looking forward to summer as this will be a great opportunity for us to bond and be together as a family.

March 14, 2014

Summer Hair Styles

I'm getting bored with my hair now and I am thinking of getting a new hair style!  On our way to spa this afternoon, I told my daughter that I wanted to have a new look this summer.  I am sporting the same hair style for more than a year now and I suddenly felt that I want something new this time.  So here I am, looking for some hair styles that would suit the shape of my face.  I often have a layered cut ever since except when I was a teen as I used to have a long straight hair then.  Since it's going to be summer, I am thinking of getting a shorter cut but not too short as I am having a round face and I just don't want to look fat.  I am having a slim figure but my face is big and I don't want to emphasize it.

Below are some of the hair cuts that caught my attention.  I find these cuts kind of cute and modern. perhaps, easy to manage, too.

Which one will I choose?  Well, that needs to be decided, soon!

Below photos courtesy of

How about you? Would dare to get a short hair cut this summer?

March 5, 2014

What Hotels in Your Vacationing Spot Offer

If you are traveling far and need a great place to rest or enjoy your vacation, hotels in Houston, MO, can provide you with all of the amenities that you are looking for, especially ones to help you relax and to enjoy your stay.

Take a Load Off

Making sure that your hotel has everything that you desire while you are vacationing is very important and a must. You do not want to be stuck somewhere that doesn’t have a shoe-buffing service or a spa when you need it most. It is critical that you determine what accommodations are vital before your trip and then choose a hotel based on your needs. Most cities around the world are equipped to accommodate your needs and will provide more than one hotel as an option for you. If you are traveling with family, swimming, spa, and child-friendly services are probably on the very top of your list. These activities will give your family something to do, especially if you are stuck in a business meeting or work-related venture.

A Friendly Atmosphere

If you know that during your visit you will be busy, but will end the day feeling tired and sleepy, a comfortable room equipped with a nice bathtub or a fluffy bed is just what you need. If entertainment is also a priority to you and your family, a large television with several channels for everyone can come in handy on a night that everyone just wants to relax and take a break. Housekeeping services and laundering your clothing may be something that you must do while on your visit. Some hotels do not give you this option, so remember to make sure that the one you choose is fully stocked with washers and dryers. Choose a hotel that will be convenient to where you will be during the day or night. If you are in town for a meeting and flew in and do not want to rent a car, walking to your destination can be a great way to enjoy the sights, as long as your hotel is close by.

Choose a Hotel

You can plan your vacation and prepare for it well by conducting research on hotels in Houston, MO, before you arrive. This will ensure you have a great visit, whether you are in town for business or pleasure with your family or by yourself. 

February 27, 2014

Making Plans For Summer

As hubby will be home in time for summer, I am now in the midst of drawing up some activities that could keep us occupied during the most awaited time of the year.  I knew that some people do not really enjoy summer because of the heat and to some, it brings a bit of discomfort especially when you stay in the heart of the city.  But it is during summer that we could do a lot of bonding activities and traveling is one of our favorite activity. Apart from this, we also take the opportunity to look over the house and try to fix what needs to be fixed.  Obviously we couldn't have constructions on going during the rainy season so anything that relates to home repairs should be done during this time.

For our teen kids, it is the best time for them to bond and engage themselves with their hobbies.  Biking would be a great outdoor activity and so with jogging, strolling in the park and swimming.  Indoors, they normally watch movies and play guitar.  My daughter normally loves to add up to what she already have and going a bit advance in terms of her musical whims and caprices would sometimes go into the scene.  I hope that she would not think of buying a tc electronic flashback delay.  Not only would it be too costly but I think this cannot really be of great use as they just normally get busy with their hobbies during summer.   

But on top of all those summer activities, I think that being united as a family and having fun together is the most important thing that we often look up to during summer.  This is the time that we can be complete and free from our personal commitments.  So for me, making plans for summer this early is a thing that shouldn't be neglected.

February 21, 2014

Did You Know SEO?

I think it is very common for website owners to be relatively interested in understanding how SEO works. For one, SEO can be of great help in improving your page ranking and this is what most web masters are aiming for.  As  SEO is a simple technique to increase traffic, a large number of internet users rely on SEO in marketing their business.

SEO is a complex thing to learn but you will reap the benefits once you are already there.   There are many sources of traffic to your sites but the ones from search engines are the best ones as it helps you build community.  Traffic driven from search engines are trusted and are considered credible sources of information, thus it is more likely for a reader to follow your site or subscribe to your feeds.  This in turn, can assure you of regular traffic, thus increasing the probability of increasing your page ranking.   Of course articles should be meaty and informative, otherwise no one will be interested to read it.  The quality of your content is very important as it will greatly affect your Google standing.  Many website owners however are not fully aware of how SEO works and for this reason, SEO advice is often sought from reliable and reputable companies.  As this is a very delicate job and requires a considerable amount of time and knowledge, most website owners just rely on the expertise of those qualified personnel through outsourcing.  

Conducting keywords research, optimizing pages and building inbound links are only some of the things that webmasters need to  master to increase the visibility of their websites to the search engines.  As online marketing is getting more and more attractive and competitive, many companies are now lured to using SEO as an effective strategy so understanding how SEO works is as important as learning your ABC's.

February 15, 2014

Looking Forward To Summer

I used to mention that summer is my most favorite time of the year.  It is during this season that I could engage myself in lots of activities that I consider productive and worthwhile.  Gardening is one good example.  I can always go out on a sunny morning to tender my garden and add more to my collection.  The only problem that we would face though is the scarcity of water supply.  This is especially true for those who are staying on the elevated grounds where water supply is really hard to get.  Thanks God that we are in a low lying subdivision and water supply is not really a problem.  Should it has been the case, I would be resorting to getting water pump.   

I actually plan to go into vegetable gardening this time.  I have lots of plants in our yard and garden but I have not really started a vegetable garden.  This year, I am more determined to do this as I am now at home and could attend to my garden everyday or when needed.  I have already started with few vegetable varieties and I'm thinking of acquiring more.

How I wish I could do it really soon!

Starting Over Again...A Must See Film!

I had the chance to watch this film right on the opening day (February 12) with my daughter.  As I am now staying at home, my only "me time" is watching movies and going to spa.  It's very seldom that I could find movies that I really want to watch on a big screen as normally me and my kids are just downloading movies from the internet for our weekend movie marathon.  I was intrigued to watch this film though.  I love Piolo as a dramatic actor.  He got that special kind of charm when you watch him act and serve those heart breaking lines. I am not a fan of Toni though but the story as shown on trailer seemed to be interesting thus I asked my daughter if she wanted to watch the movie with me.

I love the concept of the movie.  The ending is my favorite.  Normally, the main stars of the movie will end up together as "live happy ever after" kind of thing and this traditional ending never excites me anymore.  On my mind, I was asking, "Do they always have to be together in the end?"  But this film proved to be different. Toni and Piolo didn't ended up together but overall, the movie has a lot to offer in terms of lessons.  If you watch the film, you will realize what love is really all about.  It will make you realize how to value the people you love.  But the greatest lesson that you will get here is "acceptance".  Accepting things as they are and accepting that you can't bring back everything that you've lost.  Letting go is the main theme of this film as it was shown here how to let go of things and people gracefully no matter how painful it is.  It teaches us that we can't have everything we want in this world especially if it would mean hurting someone else on the process.

I am recommending this movie to everyone in love, or to to those who have just lost their loved ones or anybody in a relationship.  This is really a must see film! :)


February 3, 2014

Love Gift

Have you ever wonder what should be the perfect love gift this month of February?  I do!  February is not only a love month, it is also hubby's birthday month but since he is abroad, and I was too before, we never really had the chance to have an exchange of gifts every Valentine's Day.  But I guess, I have to prepare one and just have it wrapped to be handed to him when he comes home April this year.  My kids also have some wrapped gifts for him last Christmas, so he might end up opening lots of gifts when he arrives on his next vacation.  I'm sure this will turn out as a surprise for him as he never expects anything of that sort. But he's working very hard so he deserves a special treat right?  I wonder what should be the perfect gift for him, he can buy almost anything he wants abroad so I might as well give him something that he needs for his daily use during his two months vacation this April (lol).  It would be nice to give him a  cool numark cd player at guitar center but I'm sure he won't be using it anyway.  I think I need to consult our son for a recommendation. But whatever it is, I'm sure he would be happy to receive one from me.  He's going to have a nice birthday celebration in his work place courtesy of the American Boss so I just need to prepare a simple one at home just for me and the kids.  At any rate, I hope he would be happy on his special day. :)

February 1, 2014

Thoughts To Ponder This Sunday

I was in deep thoughts after I've read this quote.  I couldn't agree more!  In a way, I can relate so much to this especially during the time that I was still in the corporate world.  Working for almost 20 years in several companies had brought me a lot of good and bad experiences and in a way, these experiences had been a part of my past which defines who am I right now.  These years of working enabled me to meet different people from all walks of life and working abroad enabled me to meet people of different nationalities. Working with them has been both a pleasure and a night mare.  Some became my very good friends and some contributed to my stressful days and allowed me to suffer from migraine at times. :)

Well, that's life. As this saying goes, you cannot always count on others to respect your feelings. Chances are there will be people who will show hostility towards you and worse than that will treat you badly no matter how you treat them right.  We can't really please all people and we can't change them the way they are, so we are just left with a accept them or to leave them.

It is simply saying that if we can't endure staying with people who can constantly bring us upset and bad feelings, then we always have the option to avoid them.  I think that would keep you away from problems for the time being. 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

January 29, 2014

Philippine Festivals

One of my greatest fancies is to be able to attend and watch Philippine festivals.  Surprisingly, until this time, I never had the chance to watch the likes of "Sinulog Festival", "Pinagbenga Festival", "kadayawan Festival " and "Ati-atihan Festival".

I'm not keen to traveling before. I only begin to discover the joys of traveling when I worked abroad.  I became more adventurous then and learn to become independent. As a matter of fact, I've been to places alone.  I never imagined that I could be a solo traveler.  Not in my wildest dreams but it happened and I've enjoyed it.  What do I really like about festivals? Well, it's the colors, the cheers, the foods and the loud sound of bands playing on streets. It's really fun!  The City Mayor would normally invite some local artists to perform on stage and it's just like a huge party on streets.  I wonder if they are using LP drums, but those performers are really awesome! 

I was just able to witness our own festival in the city and I guess it's not much different compared to other municipalities.  Probably just the way of celebrating it and the sort of presentations they prepare for the people to see.  I am still hoping that I would be able to attend some like the one in Baguio City as I really love flowers and it would be great to see a parade of flowers.  Hopefully soon!

How Does Windshield Repair Work?

You are calmly driving down the road, enjoying the scenery or listening to your favorite song, when it happens. That ear-splitting crack that makes you practically jump through the roof of your vehicle. You quickly scan the windshield, dreading what you will find, and there it is: a chip in your windshield about the size of a pencil eraser. While it may look harmless now, you know if you do not fix it soon it will eventually spread across your windshield in a maniacal grin. To fix it, you usually have two options: you can either find a place that specializes in windshield repair, or you can fix it with a windshield repair kit of your own. Certain companies, such as Tri Glass Inc., may offer professional kits you can purchase for home use, or to even possibly begin your own auto glass repair business.
 Windshield Function

The glass in your windshield is not the same as the glass in the windows of your home, or even as the glass in the other windows in the vehicle. Windshield glass is composed of two pieces of glass sandwiching layer of laminate. This layer provides the glass with an increased strength by absorbing some of the impact from anything that strikes the windshield. As a result, instead of shattering or puncturing, the glass will usually only crack. The windshield also assists in adding support to the frame of the vehicle, which helps prevent the roof from caving in completely in a rollover accident. 

Windshield Repair

It is not a matter of if the chip will crack, but when. Potholes, rough roads, changes in temperature, and even a quick car wash can cause the inevitable splitting. Having your own repair kit, such as from Tri Glass Inc., can help ensure that you have access to quick repair. But whether you have the repair done professionally or with a kit, the process tends to be relatively similar. The area must first be cleaned, and all glass chips must be removed. An acrylic resin is then used to bond the glass together, but before it can be applied the area must be vacuum sealed of air. If air remains while the resin is applied, it may result in pressure, causing the crack to widen or spread. After the resin is injected, it must be allowed to set either in the sun or under a UV light. Once it has set, the area is cleaned and polished. Depending upon the size of the chip, you may be left with a small dot or absolutely no sign of the damage at all.

Do What Makes You Happy

I've seen this quote online and reading this gives me more enthusiasm to do the things that I want, things that I enjoy doing!  So, I suddenly felt the urge to push trough with my plan of vegetable gardening and perhaps to make a vertical garden in my lot.   I love plants and I love gardens, this is a sort of therapy for me and I'm sure that doing this as a hobby could do a lot of good things for me.  I can have an outlet when I feel sad or feeling stressed out and it can not only beautify my home but I could get fresh produce all the time.

This quote does not only apply to our hobbies, we can also follow our heart and do what we want whether it pertains to a job, a passion, a relationship or just doing a simple thing like reading a book or eating your favorite food.   I guess, we should all find time to do more of what we want and what makes us happy. That's a secret to a peaceful and contented life.

January 27, 2014

That's My Tomboy!

I was watching "Show Time" almost everyday and one of my favorite segments there is "That's My Tomboy".  I was very pleased with all those great talents.  They have shown various categories on talent portion ranging from singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments.  There was one contestant who rendered a song while playing a guitar with two back up performers who were likewise playing different forms of musical instruments.  pardon me, but I really don't know the name of such musical instruments.  I was however pleased with the girl's exceptional talent.  One of the instruments played by the back up performer is a string instrument but its not a guitar or violin.  I have seen similar one on one of the sites I've visited online when I was searching for affordable goodtime banjo which a friend asked me to look for as she intends to buy one for her daughter.    

I was also fascinated by another contestant who danced so well.  They are all talented and the judges might have a difficult time choosing the grand winner.  They are already running their grand finals this week and today, there were 8 finalists presented on stage with their respective speeches which are all overwhelming.

Now, I'm excited to know who's going to be the grand winner!  

January 21, 2014

Happy Thoughts To Live By

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 
 C.S. Lewis

I do believe in second chances! Sometimes it's quite hard for us to let go of the past as we normally get too dependent on it.  Sometimes, we always cling to a certain thing or person as we think that our life will not go on without them.  This is a normal feeling for every person who lose something or someone.  But the old saying is always true..."time heals all wounds".   When I saw this quotation, I felt like suddenly getting high hopes for the future!  There is always a promise for a better tomorrow.  We should not regret of what we've lost or what we've left behind as there are far far better things waiting for us.  I think that if this is going to be our mindset, it would be very easy for us to move on with our lives.  There should be no regrets with what we left behind as everything happens for a reason and we should be eager to find that reason. 

At the end of the day, we will realize that what had happened in the past has something to do with the future. Life is like a book, it won't be complete if you take out any pages in it.  We just have to remember that what happened in the past is absolutely necessary to complete our life.  It's a process that we have to undergo. Maybe it brings so many lessons to learn and so many secrets to unfold that will make us realize something that's going to happen in the future. 

Life is indeed complicated.  We may not understand things fully until we've experienced these ourselves.  But I am only certain on one thing, "that tomorrow is always better then yesterday".

January 15, 2014

Hitch a Ride on Nature’s Roller Coaster

Long before there were any theme parks, nature provided mankind with roller coasters in the form of white water. The people of those days had to face hard work and death every day, so they could not appreciate the adventure that a good rafting trip could provide. In today’s climate of safety and security, the animal in people doesn’t get to have its release. Stress causes people to want to fight or flee, but there are few times in modern life when either of those choices is appropriate. One good way to deal with the buildup is to go on a trip like the Colorado river rafting at


People have differing degrees of adventure borne inside of them. Some people are all out adrenaline junkies. These people usually have high risk jobs like firefighting and police work. Sometimes, they think of themselves as normal, but they appreciate the release of chemicals that comes in a stressful situation, and they can deal with it in a physical way.

Other people think that high adventure is changing the type of orange juice that they had with breakfast. Books are all of the adventure that these people need, and they will often be found reading the same types of books day after day. Trying new things just isn’t for them. Almost everyone else falls in between.


While there is inherent danger when dealing with something as unpredictable as water, trips like the Colorado river rafting at are as safe as they can be. Much like a roller coaster, the danger is a lot of illusion. If these trips were truly dangerous, no company could make a profit. In fact, the government would warn people about the danger of traveling down a section of river. The good news is that your body doesn’t know the difference. This type of activity will give you the opportunity to release some of that pent up stress, and it will make you feel truly alive. In a world where people think that virtual relationships are real, everyone needs a new lease on this wonderful life.

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