January 29, 2014

Philippine Festivals

One of my greatest fancies is to be able to attend and watch Philippine festivals.  Surprisingly, until this time, I never had the chance to watch the likes of "Sinulog Festival", "Pinagbenga Festival", "kadayawan Festival " and "Ati-atihan Festival".

I'm not keen to traveling before. I only begin to discover the joys of traveling when I worked abroad.  I became more adventurous then and learn to become independent. As a matter of fact, I've been to places alone.  I never imagined that I could be a solo traveler.  Not in my wildest dreams but it happened and I've enjoyed it.  What do I really like about festivals? Well, it's the colors, the cheers, the foods and the loud sound of bands playing on streets. It's really fun!  The City Mayor would normally invite some local artists to perform on stage and it's just like a huge party on streets.  I wonder if they are using LP drums, but those performers are really awesome! 

I was just able to witness our own festival in the city and I guess it's not much different compared to other municipalities.  Probably just the way of celebrating it and the sort of presentations they prepare for the people to see.  I am still hoping that I would be able to attend some like the one in Baguio City as I really love flowers and it would be great to see a parade of flowers.  Hopefully soon!

How Does Windshield Repair Work?

You are calmly driving down the road, enjoying the scenery or listening to your favorite song, when it happens. That ear-splitting crack that makes you practically jump through the roof of your vehicle. You quickly scan the windshield, dreading what you will find, and there it is: a chip in your windshield about the size of a pencil eraser. While it may look harmless now, you know if you do not fix it soon it will eventually spread across your windshield in a maniacal grin. To fix it, you usually have two options: you can either find a place that specializes in windshield repair, or you can fix it with a windshield repair kit of your own. Certain companies, such as Tri Glass Inc., may offer professional kits you can purchase for home use, or to even possibly begin your own auto glass repair business.
 Windshield Function

The glass in your windshield is not the same as the glass in the windows of your home, or even as the glass in the other windows in the vehicle. Windshield glass is composed of two pieces of glass sandwiching layer of laminate. This layer provides the glass with an increased strength by absorbing some of the impact from anything that strikes the windshield. As a result, instead of shattering or puncturing, the glass will usually only crack. The windshield also assists in adding support to the frame of the vehicle, which helps prevent the roof from caving in completely in a rollover accident. 

Windshield Repair

It is not a matter of if the chip will crack, but when. Potholes, rough roads, changes in temperature, and even a quick car wash can cause the inevitable splitting. Having your own repair kit, such as from Tri Glass Inc., can help ensure that you have access to quick repair. But whether you have the repair done professionally or with a kit, the process tends to be relatively similar. The area must first be cleaned, and all glass chips must be removed. An acrylic resin is then used to bond the glass together, but before it can be applied the area must be vacuum sealed of air. If air remains while the resin is applied, it may result in pressure, causing the crack to widen or spread. After the resin is injected, it must be allowed to set either in the sun or under a UV light. Once it has set, the area is cleaned and polished. Depending upon the size of the chip, you may be left with a small dot or absolutely no sign of the damage at all.

Do What Makes You Happy

I've seen this quote online and reading this gives me more enthusiasm to do the things that I want, things that I enjoy doing!  So, I suddenly felt the urge to push trough with my plan of vegetable gardening and perhaps to make a vertical garden in my lot.   I love plants and I love gardens, this is a sort of therapy for me and I'm sure that doing this as a hobby could do a lot of good things for me.  I can have an outlet when I feel sad or feeling stressed out and it can not only beautify my home but I could get fresh produce all the time.

This quote does not only apply to our hobbies, we can also follow our heart and do what we want whether it pertains to a job, a passion, a relationship or just doing a simple thing like reading a book or eating your favorite food.   I guess, we should all find time to do more of what we want and what makes us happy. That's a secret to a peaceful and contented life.

January 27, 2014

That's My Tomboy!

I was watching "Show Time" almost everyday and one of my favorite segments there is "That's My Tomboy".  I was very pleased with all those great talents.  They have shown various categories on talent portion ranging from singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments.  There was one contestant who rendered a song while playing a guitar with two back up performers who were likewise playing different forms of musical instruments.  pardon me, but I really don't know the name of such musical instruments.  I was however pleased with the girl's exceptional talent.  One of the instruments played by the back up performer is a string instrument but its not a guitar or violin.  I have seen similar one on one of the sites I've visited online when I was searching for affordable goodtime banjo which a friend asked me to look for as she intends to buy one for her daughter.    

I was also fascinated by another contestant who danced so well.  They are all talented and the judges might have a difficult time choosing the grand winner.  They are already running their grand finals this week and today, there were 8 finalists presented on stage with their respective speeches which are all overwhelming.

Now, I'm excited to know who's going to be the grand winner!  

January 21, 2014

Happy Thoughts To Live By

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 
 C.S. Lewis

I do believe in second chances! Sometimes it's quite hard for us to let go of the past as we normally get too dependent on it.  Sometimes, we always cling to a certain thing or person as we think that our life will not go on without them.  This is a normal feeling for every person who lose something or someone.  But the old saying is always true..."time heals all wounds".   When I saw this quotation, I felt like suddenly getting high hopes for the future!  There is always a promise for a better tomorrow.  We should not regret of what we've lost or what we've left behind as there are far far better things waiting for us.  I think that if this is going to be our mindset, it would be very easy for us to move on with our lives.  There should be no regrets with what we left behind as everything happens for a reason and we should be eager to find that reason. 

At the end of the day, we will realize that what had happened in the past has something to do with the future. Life is like a book, it won't be complete if you take out any pages in it.  We just have to remember that what happened in the past is absolutely necessary to complete our life.  It's a process that we have to undergo. Maybe it brings so many lessons to learn and so many secrets to unfold that will make us realize something that's going to happen in the future. 

Life is indeed complicated.  We may not understand things fully until we've experienced these ourselves.  But I am only certain on one thing, "that tomorrow is always better then yesterday".

January 15, 2014

Hitch a Ride on Nature’s Roller Coaster

Long before there were any theme parks, nature provided mankind with roller coasters in the form of white water. The people of those days had to face hard work and death every day, so they could not appreciate the adventure that a good rafting trip could provide. In today’s climate of safety and security, the animal in people doesn’t get to have its release. Stress causes people to want to fight or flee, but there are few times in modern life when either of those choices is appropriate. One good way to deal with the buildup is to go on a trip like the Colorado river rafting at royalgorgerafting.net.


People have differing degrees of adventure borne inside of them. Some people are all out adrenaline junkies. These people usually have high risk jobs like firefighting and police work. Sometimes, they think of themselves as normal, but they appreciate the release of chemicals that comes in a stressful situation, and they can deal with it in a physical way.

Other people think that high adventure is changing the type of orange juice that they had with breakfast. Books are all of the adventure that these people need, and they will often be found reading the same types of books day after day. Trying new things just isn’t for them. Almost everyone else falls in between.


While there is inherent danger when dealing with something as unpredictable as water, trips like the Colorado river rafting at royalgorgerafting.net are as safe as they can be. Much like a roller coaster, the danger is a lot of illusion. If these trips were truly dangerous, no company could make a profit. In fact, the government would warn people about the danger of traveling down a section of river. The good news is that your body doesn’t know the difference. This type of activity will give you the opportunity to release some of that pent up stress, and it will make you feel truly alive. In a world where people think that virtual relationships are real, everyone needs a new lease on this wonderful life.

January 14, 2014

Curb Your Spending This 2014

How was your 2013?  Were you able to manage your spending and grow your savings? I've seen that most people always include topics about avoiding over spending and growing their savings as part of their goals for the new year.  Some were able to manage quite well but some failed, as usual.  We have to face it, it's really quite hard to manage our finances especially when it comes to spending.  The temptation to spend can be overwhelming and for women, it is one of the hardest thing to avoid.

I believe that it really takes a lot of self control and discipline to fulfill this goal but there are ways that you can do to succeed.  Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Check your closet.  Try to reinvent your wardrobe.  Mix and match.  This will help you appear to have new outfits all the time without really having to buy new clothes.  Better yet, check and make a list of what you already own.  Probably, you still have enough in the closet that were not really worn yet and there's no really need for you to purchase a new one.  Try to have a list of clothes that you have which can be worn on summer and during rainy season.  A mall sale is not an excuse to buy if these are not really needed in the first place.
  2. Set up your goals.  List down some projects that you need to accomplish this year and have it posted on your memo board or anywhere that you would always have access to.  This way, you can remind yourself to work harder to achieve your target.  I used to do this every year.  I always list down my projects starting from the minor ones to the major ones.  I tick what has already been accomplished.  I set aside a specific budget for each project and try to work on saving for that amount.
  3. Work on your budget and set aside a portion of your earnings.  I know this is quite hard to do as we often failed to follow our budget at times.  But when you're about to violate this, just go back to number 2  and you will get that inspiration to stick to your budget and set aside an amount from your earnings.  You may choose to set an amount that you think is feasible.  Don't go too high or else, you will not be able to follow this rigidly and once you failed once, you will lose the sight of your goals already.
  4. Prepare for future spending.  You may choose to use your spare time trying to figure out what you can do to prepare for your future spending.  In my case, I am planning to buy one specific gift each month and store it in my gifts closet.  I will collect as much gift items that I think would be suitable for all the people in my list for the entire year, basically that will cover birthdays and Christmas.  In that way, I do not need to spend a big amount comes December.  I will just deduct the amount from my budget. Let's say sacrificing one dinner at your favorite restaurant will allow you to buy a gift or two. Better yet, you can start doing some craft works and prepare these as gifts to your friends and relatives. This way, if you have a 13th month pay, you can have it as part of your savings instead of spending it during the holidays.
There are a lot more things that you can do to save and avoid over spending.  We just need to prioritize what is important and what is not.  Discipline is the key.  I know it's hard but we can always try! :)

January 8, 2014

The Best Times to Go Golfing

Golfing is a great game, but unfortunately many people only have time or can only afford to go every so often. Because your golfing time is limited, you want each outing to be as enjoyable as possible, and a big factor on your enjoyment is when you choose to go. One of the perks of most golf memberships is having priority when choosing tee times because certain days and times will make for a better golfing experience. Some of the best times to go golfing are easy to figure out, but many golfers just don’t put in the thought before scheduling their tee time.

Time of Day

There are a couple parts of the day that make for great golf, and they are morning and afternoon. Morning tee times are almost always the first to be snatched up. Not only does an early tee time fit around most peoples’ schedules, but you also avoid most of the heat that comes around midday. Afternoons can also fit around schedules while avoiding the hottest parts of the day, but the sun may get in your eyes and make spotting balls a nightmare.

Time of Year

The best season for golfing depends on what part of the experience you’re looking at. If you want the weather to be perfect, you’ll want to hit the course in early spring or late fall. If you are at a course that closes during the winter, spring will be the time when the course is least warn down from other golfers. If you’re looking to enjoy nature while golfing, you can go during summer to catch all of the plants blooming, or you can go during fall when the leaves are changing colors.

Avoiding Crowds

If avoiding crowds is a high priority for you, you’re going to have to think a little differently. Golfing on a busy golf course can make for a miserable experience, whether you are waiting for a slow group in front of your or being pressured by a fast group behind you. Some of the tee times with the best chance of isolation are those on Mondays, weekday afternoons, or Saturday afternoons. Also, if it’s a bit cold or extremely hot outside, you can probably throw on some appropriate clothing and have the course mostly to yourself. With a bit of planning, you can make the most of golf memberships by choosing the best tee times.

How Was My 2013?

It has been a tradition for me beginning of every year to make a review of what transpired in my life for the past year.  In making a review, I dwell more on my accomplishments rather than my failures. I wanted to keep track of the good things that happened to me in the past and get rid of the bad memories as much as possible.  I'm trying to avoid keeping those bad memories in my heart.  These should be thrown away.  I don't really regret those bad things that I've encountered as these could be transformed into good things depending on how you treat them.  I considered my bad experiences as part of the learning process. I suffered, cried and get hurt but these are all important parts and parcels of life that we could not live without.

There is no perfect life, but we could fill it with perfect moments. :)

The year 2013 is not really a great year for me as I have encountered ups and downs as far as my personal life and career is concerned. However, I consider it a wonderful year for me and my family as we have managed to become closer in heart and spirit.  The trials and difficulties that we have encountered made us whole and united. We realized the value of family more than ever.  Financially, I would say that I passed 2013 with flying colors.  This year didn't really made me really rich but I'm well off financially.  We've started with the cup cake business and women's apparel which are both operating online. The result is not that marvelous but the potential is great!  I've recovered my initial capital quite fast and had started to build up my clients.  I didn't really earn that big but it's more than what I've expected.  Considered great for 6 months of operation. :)

All in all, here's what I have accomplished for the year 2013:

  • Lot amortization has been completed.
  • Able to fund the renovation of our first house.
  • Introduce some minor repairs and improvements in our current house.
  • Replace those furniture that were devastated by the "Habagat" flooding.
  • Add up some amount to my savings.
  • Increased my blog earnings by 40%. From 5 figures last 2012, it rose up to 6 figures last 2013. Cheers to that!  Some of my blogs lost the PR, but with God's grace, these blogs still continued to earn. Maybe lesser towards the end of the year but overall, I still considered it to have contributed quite well to my funds.  
I never really spend my blog earnings except for some funds used for hotel bookings abroad, for renewal of my domains, and purchase of LG 29" LED TV for my bedroom last December.  I also feel grateful to my blogs for financing my small apparel business which had just started last year.

But the greatest thing that happened to 2013 is my long awaited decision to finally leave the rat race.  To leave my job abroad and go back home and stay with the family.  There were so many factors that have contributed to this decision but I am very pleased that I've finally made up my mind.

I wanted to work at home and be with my family for good.  I didn't regret my decision as I still feel very productive even at home.  Apart from being occupied with small businesses, I have managed to keep an online job apart from working on my blogs.  On top of that, I am now able to manage the entire household and look after my children.  

2013 has been a blessed year for me and I hope that 2014 will even be a better one. 

I am claiming success and happiness for 2014.

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