January 29, 2014

Philippine Festivals

One of my greatest fancies is to be able to attend and watch Philippine festivals.  Surprisingly, until this time, I never had the chance to watch the likes of "Sinulog Festival", "Pinagbenga Festival", "kadayawan Festival " and "Ati-atihan Festival".

I'm not keen to traveling before. I only begin to discover the joys of traveling when I worked abroad.  I became more adventurous then and learn to become independent. As a matter of fact, I've been to places alone.  I never imagined that I could be a solo traveler.  Not in my wildest dreams but it happened and I've enjoyed it.  What do I really like about festivals? Well, it's the colors, the cheers, the foods and the loud sound of bands playing on streets. It's really fun!  The City Mayor would normally invite some local artists to perform on stage and it's just like a huge party on streets.  I wonder if they are using LP drums, but those performers are really awesome! 

I was just able to witness our own festival in the city and I guess it's not much different compared to other municipalities.  Probably just the way of celebrating it and the sort of presentations they prepare for the people to see.  I am still hoping that I would be able to attend some like the one in Baguio City as I really love flowers and it would be great to see a parade of flowers.  Hopefully soon!

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