January 27, 2014

That's My Tomboy!

I was watching "Show Time" almost everyday and one of my favorite segments there is "That's My Tomboy".  I was very pleased with all those great talents.  They have shown various categories on talent portion ranging from singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments.  There was one contestant who rendered a song while playing a guitar with two back up performers who were likewise playing different forms of musical instruments.  pardon me, but I really don't know the name of such musical instruments.  I was however pleased with the girl's exceptional talent.  One of the instruments played by the back up performer is a string instrument but its not a guitar or violin.  I have seen similar one on one of the sites I've visited online when I was searching for affordable goodtime banjo which a friend asked me to look for as she intends to buy one for her daughter.    

I was also fascinated by another contestant who danced so well.  They are all talented and the judges might have a difficult time choosing the grand winner.  They are already running their grand finals this week and today, there were 8 finalists presented on stage with their respective speeches which are all overwhelming.

Now, I'm excited to know who's going to be the grand winner!  

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