January 8, 2014

The Best Times to Go Golfing

Golfing is a great game, but unfortunately many people only have time or can only afford to go every so often. Because your golfing time is limited, you want each outing to be as enjoyable as possible, and a big factor on your enjoyment is when you choose to go. One of the perks of most golf memberships is having priority when choosing tee times because certain days and times will make for a better golfing experience. Some of the best times to go golfing are easy to figure out, but many golfers just don’t put in the thought before scheduling their tee time.

Time of Day

There are a couple parts of the day that make for great golf, and they are morning and afternoon. Morning tee times are almost always the first to be snatched up. Not only does an early tee time fit around most peoples’ schedules, but you also avoid most of the heat that comes around midday. Afternoons can also fit around schedules while avoiding the hottest parts of the day, but the sun may get in your eyes and make spotting balls a nightmare.

Time of Year

The best season for golfing depends on what part of the experience you’re looking at. If you want the weather to be perfect, you’ll want to hit the course in early spring or late fall. If you are at a course that closes during the winter, spring will be the time when the course is least warn down from other golfers. If you’re looking to enjoy nature while golfing, you can go during summer to catch all of the plants blooming, or you can go during fall when the leaves are changing colors.

Avoiding Crowds

If avoiding crowds is a high priority for you, you’re going to have to think a little differently. Golfing on a busy golf course can make for a miserable experience, whether you are waiting for a slow group in front of your or being pressured by a fast group behind you. Some of the tee times with the best chance of isolation are those on Mondays, weekday afternoons, or Saturday afternoons. Also, if it’s a bit cold or extremely hot outside, you can probably throw on some appropriate clothing and have the course mostly to yourself. With a bit of planning, you can make the most of golf memberships by choosing the best tee times.

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