February 15, 2014

Looking Forward To Summer

I used to mention that summer is my most favorite time of the year.  It is during this season that I could engage myself in lots of activities that I consider productive and worthwhile.  Gardening is one good example.  I can always go out on a sunny morning to tender my garden and add more to my collection.  The only problem that we would face though is the scarcity of water supply.  This is especially true for those who are staying on the elevated grounds where water supply is really hard to get.  Thanks God that we are in a low lying subdivision and water supply is not really a problem.  Should it has been the case, I would be resorting to getting WeGotPumps.com water pump.   

I actually plan to go into vegetable gardening this time.  I have lots of plants in our yard and garden but I have not really started a vegetable garden.  This year, I am more determined to do this as I am now at home and could attend to my garden everyday or when needed.  I have already started with few vegetable varieties and I'm thinking of acquiring more.

How I wish I could do it really soon!

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