February 3, 2014

Love Gift

Have you ever wonder what should be the perfect love gift this month of February?  I do!  February is not only a love month, it is also hubby's birthday month but since he is abroad, and I was too before, we never really had the chance to have an exchange of gifts every Valentine's Day.  But I guess, I have to prepare one and just have it wrapped to be handed to him when he comes home April this year.  My kids also have some wrapped gifts for him last Christmas, so he might end up opening lots of gifts when he arrives on his next vacation.  I'm sure this will turn out as a surprise for him as he never expects anything of that sort. But he's working very hard so he deserves a special treat right?  I wonder what should be the perfect gift for him, he can buy almost anything he wants abroad so I might as well give him something that he needs for his daily use during his two months vacation this April (lol).  It would be nice to give him a  cool numark cd player at guitar center but I'm sure he won't be using it anyway.  I think I need to consult our son for a recommendation. But whatever it is, I'm sure he would be happy to receive one from me.  He's going to have a nice birthday celebration in his work place courtesy of the American Boss so I just need to prepare a simple one at home just for me and the kids.  At any rate, I hope he would be happy on his special day. :)

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