February 15, 2014

Starting Over Again...A Must See Film!

I had the chance to watch this film right on the opening day (February 12) with my daughter.  As I am now staying at home, my only "me time" is watching movies and going to spa.  It's very seldom that I could find movies that I really want to watch on a big screen as normally me and my kids are just downloading movies from the internet for our weekend movie marathon.  I was intrigued to watch this film though.  I love Piolo as a dramatic actor.  He got that special kind of charm when you watch him act and serve those heart breaking lines. I am not a fan of Toni though but the story as shown on trailer seemed to be interesting thus I asked my daughter if she wanted to watch the movie with me.

I love the concept of the movie.  The ending is my favorite.  Normally, the main stars of the movie will end up together as "live happy ever after" kind of thing and this traditional ending never excites me anymore.  On my mind, I was asking, "Do they always have to be together in the end?"  But this film proved to be different. Toni and Piolo didn't ended up together but overall, the movie has a lot to offer in terms of lessons.  If you watch the film, you will realize what love is really all about.  It will make you realize how to value the people you love.  But the greatest lesson that you will get here is "acceptance".  Accepting things as they are and accepting that you can't bring back everything that you've lost.  Letting go is the main theme of this film as it was shown here how to let go of things and people gracefully no matter how painful it is.  It teaches us that we can't have everything we want in this world especially if it would mean hurting someone else on the process.

I am recommending this movie to everyone in love, or to to those who have just lost their loved ones or anybody in a relationship.  This is really a must see film! :)


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