February 1, 2014

Thoughts To Ponder This Sunday

I was in deep thoughts after I've read this quote.  I couldn't agree more!  In a way, I can relate so much to this especially during the time that I was still in the corporate world.  Working for almost 20 years in several companies had brought me a lot of good and bad experiences and in a way, these experiences had been a part of my past which defines who am I right now.  These years of working enabled me to meet different people from all walks of life and working abroad enabled me to meet people of different nationalities. Working with them has been both a pleasure and a night mare.  Some became my very good friends and some contributed to my stressful days and allowed me to suffer from migraine at times. :)

Well, that's life. As this saying goes, you cannot always count on others to respect your feelings. Chances are there will be people who will show hostility towards you and worse than that will treat you badly no matter how you treat them right.  We can't really please all people and we can't change them the way they are, so we are just left with a choice...to accept them or to leave them.

It is simply saying that if we can't endure staying with people who can constantly bring us upset and bad feelings, then we always have the option to avoid them.  I think that would keep you away from problems for the time being. 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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