March 14, 2014

Summer Hair Styles

I'm getting bored with my hair now and I am thinking of getting a new hair style!  On our way to spa this afternoon, I told my daughter that I wanted to have a new look this summer.  I am sporting the same hair style for more than a year now and I suddenly felt that I want something new this time.  So here I am, looking for some hair styles that would suit the shape of my face.  I often have a layered cut ever since except when I was a teen as I used to have a long straight hair then.  Since it's going to be summer, I am thinking of getting a shorter cut but not too short as I am having a round face and I just don't want to look fat.  I am having a slim figure but my face is big and I don't want to emphasize it.

Below are some of the hair cuts that caught my attention.  I find these cuts kind of cute and modern. perhaps, easy to manage, too.

Which one will I choose?  Well, that needs to be decided, soon!

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How about you? Would dare to get a short hair cut this summer?

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