April 30, 2014

Preparing for our Trip

Our trip to Baguio did not come as a surprise as we have long planned for it even before hubby arrives.  We have made a pledge to each other that we would take time out to go for an out of the country or an out of town vacation once in a while.  He only stays with us 2 months in a year so we have to make the most of his time with us.

I have prepared our trip itinerary about two weeks before he arrives home.  I wasn't able to make a hotel booking though that early as I am not yet certain about the exact date that we have to go.  Packing our clothes and leaving the house in an instant is not possible as we have so many things to consider like who's going to look after the house and my old aged Mom, who's going to feed our three dogs and who's going to look after my garden.  I don't want to see our pets and my plants already died of dehydration when we arrives home.  That would not certainly be a good thing to welcome us back.  

After fixing everything and having hired a reliable "helper" to look after my Mom, our house and pets, we already set the date.  Everything comes so easily though as we have managed to get everything in place before the big date.

Getting a hotel accommodation for us is not so easy though as it's peak season but I was able to do it on the last minute. Thanks God, I was able to choose a good hotel despite the rush.

On the night before we leave, our pet shih-tzu seemed to be troubled as if he could feel that we're leaving him behind.  He managed to squeeze himself inside the luggage and we all had a good laugh seeing him that way.

With all the preparations we've made, we were that hopeful that our Baguio trip will turn out to be a great one!

April 9, 2014

How Can I Get the Most Money When I Sell My Car?

People often ask, “I want to sell my car in Florida, but how can I make sure I get the most money possible?” In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways you can increase the asking price for your car so that people will be happy to pay for it.

Finding the Right Price

The first thing you need to do is find out what your car is reasonably worth. Consider its condition, including how many miles are on the odometer, how recently you’ve had any work done on it, and if there is rust or denting on the body. One way to put a number to it is to look online at the Kelly Blue Book site, which is one of the most credible and popular methods of valuating your vehicle. You might be tempted to upgrade the condition of your car once you see how much more you could ask for a vehicle in excellent condition rather than something in fair or poor condition, but resist the temptation. Be honest with yourself or get an objective third party to rate what condition they consider your car to be in. If you try to ask too much, you’ll have a difficult time selling; you could also end up getting someone angry enough with you for the deception to come after you legally.

It’s All in the Presentation

You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a house that looked messy and trashed, so spend some time thoroughly cleaning the car. Even if it’s only in fair condition, a clean car will sell faster – and more likely it will sell at the top end of your blue book value. Remove trash, vacuum everywhere, and clean and polish the interior so it shines. Do the same for the outside, sanding away rust spots and retouching the paint as necessary. You can also hose down the engine and use a scrub brush to rub away dirt and grime.

Advertise in the Right Places

Now it’s time to get the word out. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to sell a car; it seems someone’s nephew or cousin or brother is always on the lookout for a vehicle they can afford. You can also place a sale sign in the window, making sure that the lettering is clear and legible (be sure to include an asking price. Most people won’t take the time to call you if they think you expect them to make the first offer). You also have the option of advertising in free online classifieds, both locally and nationally. If you have a great car to sell that is a classic or has very desirable features, you can find niche sites that will be thrilled to list your car for their customers, either for free or at a nominal price. And finally, if you have a junker that doesn’t run and that no one wants, there are always the used part lots that will buy it from you. There’s no excuse for you now when you wonder, “How can I sell my car in Florida?” You’ve got the information you need and you can start working on getting the best payout possible.

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