April 30, 2014

Preparing for our Trip

Our trip to Baguio did not come as a surprise as we have long planned for it even before hubby arrives.  We have made a pledge to each other that we would take time out to go for an out of the country or an out of town vacation once in a while.  He only stays with us 2 months in a year so we have to make the most of his time with us.

I have prepared our trip itinerary about two weeks before he arrives home.  I wasn't able to make a hotel booking though that early as I am not yet certain about the exact date that we have to go.  Packing our clothes and leaving the house in an instant is not possible as we have so many things to consider like who's going to look after the house and my old aged Mom, who's going to feed our three dogs and who's going to look after my garden.  I don't want to see our pets and my plants already died of dehydration when we arrives home.  That would not certainly be a good thing to welcome us back.  

After fixing everything and having hired a reliable "helper" to look after my Mom, our house and pets, we already set the date.  Everything comes so easily though as we have managed to get everything in place before the big date.

Getting a hotel accommodation for us is not so easy though as it's peak season but I was able to do it on the last minute. Thanks God, I was able to choose a good hotel despite the rush.

On the night before we leave, our pet shih-tzu seemed to be troubled as if he could feel that we're leaving him behind.  He managed to squeeze himself inside the luggage and we all had a good laugh seeing him that way.

With all the preparations we've made, we were that hopeful that our Baguio trip will turn out to be a great one!

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