May 5, 2014

Strawberry Milk Shake

One of the best things that we got from going to Baguio is feasting with fresh strawberries.  We all know that strawberry is one of many products that Baguio is mighty proud of.  Strawberries are abundant in Baguio and you could find it everywhere in Baguio from the souvenir and "pasalubong" stores down to the tourist spots, to the public market and even on the side walks. I love strawberry best when it's fresh.  I would normally dip it into salt and I swear it really tastes heavenly!

I bought few kilos from Baguio during our recent trip.  As much as I wanted to buy more, it can't be done as we are already carrying a lot of stuff.  Besides, strawberries won't really last long.  This is exactly what happened as I still have a pack of strawberries left unconsumed and these are already getting over ripe.  So, I've decided to prepare strawberry milk shake out of the remaining strawberries and we really had a great time enjoying our fresh strawberries in it's new form... milk shake!

The whole family enjoyed their share of the fresh strawberry milk shake and we were able to have another bonding time together. of the best summers that we had!

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