July 5, 2014

Sunday Lunch To Remember

For the nth time, we had our special Sunday lunch at home a.k.a. "Boodle Fight".  I requested hubby to have a repeat of the "boodle fight" experience we had during his last year's vacation. This is actually the kind of dishes that we truly love, everything grilled to perfection (lol).

Me and my son have one thing in common and that's our lope for sauces and dips.  Our meal at home or even at restaurants will never be complete without a number of sauces and dips lined on our table.  This just make our dining experience more pleasant and satisfying.  Hubby and daughter though don't share the same interest, they could have their meals even without dips at all and it's quite surprising especially for us who love sauces and dips that much. 

Hubby prepared everything from marinating, grilling, cutting the veggies and mangoes and even preparing the dips and sauces.  Everything on the table is yummy!

We actually had this kind of dishes from a restaurant at Harbor Point and mind you, a "boodle fight" package is not really cheap there.  You could really save a lot if you will just have these prepared at home and "one to sawa" pa. :)

This is one of those memorable Sunday lunches that we had at home last summer and hopefully, we could have it on a regular basis, why not?   Have you tried "boodle fight" at home, too?  How was the experience?

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