September 18, 2014

Home Made Pizza

It's not a secret that my daughter loves pizza and this is the reason why you can always chance upon us at Greenwhich and Sam's Pizza Hauz. (lol) But ordering a pizza every now and then will really kill your pocket. Why not? Pizzas are expensive especially when you order it from high end stores.  So my frugal spirit has guided me to find ways to satisfy our craving without being too harsh on my budget.  The end result? tadah....home made pizza!

If you could notice from the photos, I made several with different flavors.  For the ingredients, I choose what my kids prefer.  They love ground beef so this became the primary ingredient in all the pizza flavors I made.  I just add some of this and that to other servings and voila! we have a hearty pizza dinner.

The best consolation by the way is that I only spend about Php80 per pan and for us, that's a great savings!

Happiness indeed!

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