October 23, 2014

Live Bands

We were on our way to Harbor Point Ayala Mall when we were caught by the traffic.  It's not really that bad though, but it's enough to cause a little delay arriving on our destination.  I almost forgot, it's "Mardigras" month in Olongapo and as usual, there will be a huge party on the street along Magsaysay Drive.  I saw them installing the stage, the lights and the sound system.  I suppose there will be a big crowd.  Who doesn't to watch and hear live band presentations for free?  I saw them installing monster cable as well, so expect the unexpected.

I am missing my brother who used to be the emcee during "Mardi Gras", unfortunately he passed away this month, so I'm sure Octoberfest celebration will be a lot different this year without him. Anyway, I hope I could have the time to be there which is near to impossible as I got really exhausted with all the misfortunes our family experienced this month.  

Anyway, life has to go on.  

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