December 12, 2014

Let's be Happy For Aiza and Liza!

It seems that 2014 is a year for tying knots especially for showbiz couples.  This time, its Aiza Seguerra and long time partner, Liza Dino.  I used to watch Aiza at a noon time show "Ëat Bulaga" and I never imagined that she will grow up to be a lesbian but what is admirable about Aiza is that she was able to make a name for herself through her own efforts and being a well known Acoustic singer is the last thing that I expect her to be. But she was indeed successful and her music is one of a kind.  I really love Aiza's voice and her every fantastic performance on stage with her ibanez gb10 is something that you will always look forward to.  She also starred in several movies and TV shows and remained active until now.  Her love story is indeed a revelation.  Marrying the love of her life is the greatest gift she can give to herself.  She did find a way to marry Liza even to the point of having it done in US.  That's true love perhaps!

Well, let's wish Aiza and Liza the best of luck to their new life as a married couple. Everybody deserves to be happy.  Aiza and Liza prove that love really conquers all.

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