January 22, 2015

Few Things I would Like to Do In 2015

There are actually tons of things which I would like to do and accomplish in 2015 but I have chosen to write the more important ones or what I considered as my priorities right now.

Let's go through the list:

1.)  Daily Positive Affirmations - Just recently, I was able to download an audio book of positive affirmations.  It runs for about 10 minutes.  I've just started listening to it and I knew that if it would be a habit to listen to positive affirmations daily before you begin your day, it will do a lot to let you stay energized and positive the whole day.

2.)  Do Yoga More - I've started doing yoga with my daughter Mika late last year but wasn't able to complete the challenge successfully due to time constraint. I am prioritizing the household tasks that's why my yoga activity was taken into back seat.  I think I need to change my sleeping pattern so I could start my day early and do the yoga first thing in the morning.  I also need to have a yoga mat so things would be easier for me.

3.)  Bake More -  I'm already into baking and in fact, we are already doing this as a business.  We had catered to a number  of clients last year and we are able to come up with nice designs for our cup cakes.  Unfortunately, we slow down a bit middle of the year due to a number of reasons and circumstances where we have to shift our priority first.  But it doesn't mean that I've changed my mind.  As a matter of fact, I would like to come back with vengeance (lol).

4.)  Explore My Kitchen More -  Lately, I've been collecting books about pickling, foods in a jar, vegan soups, salads, pastas and other recipes and food preparations which would make my life in the kitchen easier and more exciting.  It would also help me somehow to save on the most important item in my budget list....foods and grocery.

5.)  Do Gardening More  -  Aside from cooking and baking, the next thing that I love to do is to tender the garden.  I have a small pocket garden at home and I get delighted every time I work on it. I love nature so much that I would always love to incorporate an element of nature even in my home decors.  I also would love to have an herb garden, a plan that is always being postponed every year.  Hopefully not this year. :)

6.)  Have additional investments, if possible - I am thinking of having additional investment.  I stopped working early, so I am keen on adding up to my savings to have enough for my retirement years.  Since I don't have fixed income now working from home, I have to find ways to make my money grow.

7.)  Pursue some "little projects" in the house -  Even some people and family members are already saying that I have a nice and well maintained home, we are still planning to push through with some of our plans for home improvement.  Not actually a big thing but just small projects that would enhance safety and security at home.

9.)  Manage My Time More Effectively  -  Since I am now the one doing most of the household chores at home, I am now having some difficulty balancing my time between managing our home and blogging.  I would admit having fewer posts last year.  My earnings also decline by 60% in 2014 compared to my earnings in 2013.  This is probably because most sites were slapped by Mr. G, mine included. But it's not totally a bad year after all.  I just want to be back and focus in writing more posts for this year.

10.)  Learn To Forgive and Forget  -  Admittedly, I have so much emotional baggage kept in my heart and in order for me to move on and lead a happy life, I need to accept what cannot be changed and learn to focus in the future rather than the past.

That's it!  I'm finally done writing down the things I wish to do this year.  I'm not really sure if all of the things in the list will be done successfully, but at least I still have a goal and this will surely motivate me to work harder and with much enthusiasm.

January 16, 2015

My Favorite Video During My Daughter's Debut

As I have a son and daughter who were both video enthusiasts, it is expected that there were a number of videos presented during the entire duration of Mika's Debut celebration.  There was an intro video entitled Mika @ 18 which is actually a compilation of video clips showcasing her simple life as a teen aged girl , there was also a grand entrance video, an intro video to her 18 dances, an intro video to her 18 frames and an intro video for her 18 keepsakes.  She also had a thank you video which was shown prior to the debutant's message.  So you just could imagine how many videos were created just for that party (lol).

Anyway here are two of my favorites:

'Intro Video to 18 Frames

Intro Video to 18 dances

January 10, 2015

Mika's Debut Photo Shoot

Days before her much awaited debut, Mika went for a photo shoot with her kuya, our program coordinator and the one in charge of the videos and photos for her debut party.  They have chosen some nice spots inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  Glad that there are lots of options to choose inside Subic and Boardwalk is certainly one of the favorite spots when it comes to photo shoots. Mika brought few pairs of clothes that she opted to use for the photo shoot.  I have just chosen the following photos out of the many photos she had which are few of my favorites.  Mika is certainly 18 but I guess she still looked like a baby to me.  There are times that when we go to cinemas, the attendant at the ticket counter will ask me if she is already 13 because the movie is R-13 (lol).  She would often "make face" whenever she hears this remarks. :)

These photos were taken around the boardwalk area:

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