January 10, 2015

Mika's Debut Photo Shoot

Days before her much awaited debut, Mika went for a photo shoot with her kuya, our program coordinator and the one in charge of the videos and photos for her debut party.  They have chosen some nice spots inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  Glad that there are lots of options to choose inside Subic and Boardwalk is certainly one of the favorite spots when it comes to photo shoots. Mika brought few pairs of clothes that she opted to use for the photo shoot.  I have just chosen the following photos out of the many photos she had which are few of my favorites.  Mika is certainly 18 but I guess she still looked like a baby to me.  There are times that when we go to cinemas, the attendant at the ticket counter will ask me if she is already 13 because the movie is R-13 (lol).  She would often "make face" whenever she hears this remarks. :)

These photos were taken around the boardwalk area:

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