January 16, 2015

My Favorite Video During My Daughter's Debut

As I have a son and daughter who were both video enthusiasts, it is expected that there were a number of videos presented during the entire duration of Mika's Debut celebration.  There was an intro video entitled Mika @ 18 which is actually a compilation of video clips showcasing her simple life as a teen aged girl , there was also a grand entrance video, an intro video to her 18 dances, an intro video to her 18 frames and an intro video for her 18 keepsakes.  She also had a thank you video which was shown prior to the debutant's message.  So you just could imagine how many videos were created just for that party (lol).

Anyway here are two of my favorites:

'Intro Video to 18 Frames

Intro Video to 18 dances

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