September 29, 2015

Dinner "Ala Korean"

Since the time I was introduced by my son to Korean foods, I have developed a great love for Korean dishes.  I love raw veggies and spicy sauces so you will feast on these side dishes when you dine in and order for a "shabu-shabu" type of meal at a Korean resto.

You will grill the meats by yourself and you will have a great deal of time talking and catching up with your family members while feasting on these foods.  My son who had a lot of Korean friends obviously enjoy this type of foods.  I usually rely on him in choosing what kind of meat we have to order that will go best with all those side dishes.

Since it was quite pricey to dine at a Korean resto, I thought of having it at home.  I just bought the meat which is similar to what was served to us and I've prepared all the raw veggies to go with it. However, there are certain sauces which I cannot prepare at home since I do not really explore yet the different Korean spices.  I don't even know yet how to make my own "kimchi", so the one we have prepared at home is not really perfect but the same fun was experienced as we get to grill the meats by ourselves while on the dinner table.  I used to copy the dishes that we've tried on some restos that we've been and try to cook these at home.  Eating outside is fun but not friendly on the budget so sometimes, we have to find ways to explore and enjoy the same kind of foods without hurting our pockets. :)

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