October 11, 2015

Working In A Suburb

The last company that I've worked with at Cambodia gave me a lot of reasons to celebrate and lose my sanity.  I was assigned to work at the company branch located in the outskirts of Cambodia.  I was clueless actually as to what the place looks like or what is in store for me there.  I applied in that company because of it's good name and reputation in the gaming industry, that's all I can remember. When I get into the place, I was shocked to know that it's actually a suburb and mind you, I could not even find a decent bread elsewhere, what more if I want to find computer and gadget shops.  It was a nightmare but I've learned to get used to the place later on.  As a matter of fact, I've worked there for nearly two years.

I've learned my lessons though when I got a bad experience when I discovered one day that my laptop cannot be opened.  I kept on pressing the "power on" button but to no avail.  I am  not sure whether it's the laptop's motherboard or battery that's giving me the problem.  Since I was staying in a suburb, I have to wait for my scheduled day off from work so I could go to a nearby city where there are computer shops.  Imagine the hassle that I had experienced during that period of time where I have lost some of my writing gigs because of that battery problem.  Should I known earlier that batteries for dell laptops at LaptopBatteryexpress.com can be ordered online and shipped wherever you are, probably I could have saved a lot of money and prevent all the hassles waiting for my day off and travel quite a long distance just to get new batteries for my DELL laptop.

Ordering any model of batteries can be done in just a click of finger and ships free for 3 to 7 days delivery.  That will surely save all the trouble and prevents you from losing some important tasks online which could also translate to a loss of income.  I think I just have to be smarter next time. Internet is everybody's best friend, I should have just used my tablet to place my order online and voila...problem solved.  The best part is you could be assured of quality laptop batteries that could work longer and last longer.


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