November 14, 2015

October 2015 Summing Up

The month of October has ended up really quite well.  There was no major event but every occasion was celebrated in the simplest manner possible.  We commemorated the first death anniversary of my brother and mother who passed away last year.  There was no grand reunion, just a simple mass offered for their souls, sincere prayers and just a simple dinner.  My daughter Mika and I went to the Memorial Park to visit their tomb, offered prayers and flowers and lighted up some candles.  A simple dinner in a restaurant followed afterwards.

Four days after Mom's first death anniversary, my first born Edmar celebrated his birthday in China for the the very first time.  This was his first time to celebrate away from home but I'm so glad that he had a nice celebration with his new found friends at work.  They had an "ëat all you can" dinner at one of their favorite restos and he was surprised by his friends with a birthday cake.  I guess, he really had fun that night.

A week after my son's birthday, their Boss announced the creation of 2 new managerial positions for the company and encouraged those who think that they are qualified for the positions to apply.  My son sought my advise and I said, yes you have to try, you have to believe in yourself and in your capabilities.  So he did submit his application for the Planning and Development manager position. Guess what? After few days he received a message from the Boss and he was asked to conceptualize a halloween celebration at one of their affiliated schools.  It turned out that this task which was assigned to him would be a strong basis for the confirmation of his promotion.  He had a nice concept and the management like it, however, they want to see how best he could execute the concept submitted.  Well, the event turned out to be a huge success, in fact it was televised in China.

Back home, we did not go out on the day of the Halloween as we are busy preparing for All Saint's Day.  My daughter Mika went to Memorial Park to clean and paint the gravestone of Mom and Dad. On the same day, I went to the market to buy some fresh flowers and food items to brought to the memorial Park the following day.

Our month of October ended up well and with high hopes that everything will turn out good for the days to come as we anticipate brighter and bigger things to happen in November.

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