November 16, 2015

Shirts For Marcus

I just recently purchased a new portable sewing machine and I intend to use it for my craft projects. My daughter Mika also long wanted for me to buy one as she is another person who loves crafts. Blame it to the genes! :)

My first project were shirts for our furry baby, Marcus.  I am actually new to sewing.  This is one thing that I dream to be good at but since I am so busy working over the years, this was just put aside. Now, that I finally stopped working, I think it is high time for me to start doing what I love to do, so the sudden impulse to buy a sewing machine happened this month of November.

Here are the new shirts I've sewn for my baby Marcus:

And here is my model (lol):

I am planning to saw few pieces more and that includes his shirt for Christmas. Also, I bought  burlap material for some arts and crafts projects at home.

Wish me luck!

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