December 26, 2015

My Very Special Pet

We are a family who loves dogs.  It was a long journey before I finally agreed to have a shih-tzu pet inside the house.  My kids knew for a fact that I love to stay in a clean, neat and organized home and at first, I was thinking that this is not possible to achieve having a pet dog inside the house.  They promised to look after him and that they won't let the house gets messy because of him, but still I was reluctant.  My daughter was begging to have one actually.  This was her dream.  Because I love her, I finally agreed on one condition.... that she will keep the promise of not letting the house becomes messy.

Those were the days, now this shih-tzu became my own baby.  I love him a lot and I am personally taking care of him.  I couldn't explain everything he does for me in this post but one thing is for sure, I adore him and he is my stress reliever.  There are numerous times that I have proven this to myself. I am very easy to get annoyed and irritated but every time I see him staring at me as if telling me to cheer up, I would instantly go back to my cheerful state and would later find out that I am already playing with him.

This doll gives me company when I'm alone in the house and entertains me with all his sweet little gestures.  Pets are gifts from above.  I believe they were created by God to let us feel unconditional love. 

I remember my daughter always telling me... "Mom, you can always buy a dog but you can never buy the wag of it's tail".

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