December 17, 2015

Neighborhood Noise

Dealing with noise in the neighborhood seems to be alarming especially for people like me who works at home.  Aside from occasional writing tasks, I also have online classes at night and it is during this time of the day that neighbors are having parties at home, thus the noise.  Just the other day, one of the neighbors had their office Christmas party held at their house and as expected, they use a sound system with all those speakers and amplifiers.  Aside from that, they hired a party host who uses shotgun mics and as a result, the entire neighborhood is super noisy.  I'm having online classes at that time and I canceled all my classes as I find it to be not conducive to learning.  As a result, I lost my income for that day.

Well, I couldn't do anything but to bear with the situation.  I am not sure whether there is a law that prohibits company parties to be held at residential areas so I just have to live with it.  It seems that my neighbors love to hold parties at home.  I remembered the same neighbor to have held her daughter's debut party at home too.  Well, I didn't give them the same problem as my daughter's 18th birthday party was held in a hotel.  That was my personal choice though and we couldn't expect everyone to do the same.  Nonetheless, dealing with neighborhood noise is a common problem now a days, I remembered seeing a post on FB of one person complaining about the excessive use of videoke in their neighborhood almost everyday.  Luckily that I don't have to face the same problem daily. Hopefully, these issues can be resolved amicably to avoid further complications.

Have you experienced the same too?


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