January 21, 2016

Musical Plays

If there's one thing that I truly miss at the moment...that is watching a musical play or a live concert. I used to do this when I was in college. The Metropolitan Theater was just a few blocks away from our campus and tickets for musical plays were always available at the school.  I have a great fascination for the arts.  Although, I was never an actor or a musician, I used to write scripts and direct for school plays and that is something that I truly enjoyed.  During those years, musical instruments and equipment were not that sophisticated but we were still able to come up with a good show.  I am wondering how plays were being done now a days.  With the presence of sophisticated technology, I'm sure they could come up with far better musical plays than before.  Even live concerts now are such a joy to watch.  Using state of the art technology gives them an edge coming up with a great show. There are lots of great musical instruments and equipment that you can purchase now even online and some great deals are even available for the regular buyers such as rane mixer, amps and effects, keyboards, electric guitars, drums, lighting accessories and everything that could give you a great sound system.

I hope I would be able to watch musical plays again very soon.  I should be adding this to my bucket list for this year. :) 

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