March 5, 2016

KTV Night

It was on hubby's birthday that my two kids decided to go for a KTV night.  Admittedly, we haven't done this as a family, although I would admit going to KTV's with family friends and my two kids when they were small.  I think, it's just timely since they have grown up and we could enjoy the night same like we are just "barkadas".  It was my first time to go for KTV  at Olongapo area as I used to got to KTV's inside SBMA.  The place is not as big and grand as what I've previously visited but the fact that I am with my family made it extra special.

As expected we sing...we dance...we went crazy and it was the first time that I actually heard my son sang a full song (lol).  I was also surprised that my daughter can actually sing so well.  Hubby took the opportunity that it's his birthday and went crazy for the entire night.  Looking at him that night, there was no doubt that he indeed had a great night and probably, the happiest birthday ever. 

I was not feeling really well because of my muscle pains which is going on for quite a while now but I've managed not to spoil the night.  It was really fun to be able to sings again.  It's been a long time, huh?

The price for the private videoke room was consumable, so we were able to feast with several dishes and appetizers.  It was quite dark inside the room so we cannot really capture a good shot.  Mika brought a birthday cake for her Dad but the outlet is charging us a corkage fee, so we've decided not to have the cake at the videoke house and brought it home instead.

This is me singing to my heart's content! (lol)  I was glad that I only have my family for an audience, if not, I wouldn't probably sing that much. hehe

This videoke night was one of the highlights of hubby's and my son's home leave as we get to bond and had fun. This was one of the very rare opportunities that we get to become complete as a family, so we really ensure that we will have loads of fun that night.  After all, hubby never spend his birthday with us every year.

My son Edmar was the one who sponsored this treat for his Dad and we are very thankful for his sweet gesture.  because of the great fun, we vowed to have a repeat and we are all looking forward to that! Cheers!

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