June 30, 2016

Cake In A Jar

I had a couple of orders for fondant cake and cup cakes this month and since I am already in the "baking mood", I've decided to try this cake in a jar which I've been planning to do since few months ago. I had a Red Velvet flavor base for my fondant cake order this month, so I took the chance to bake an extra for my red velvet cake in a jar. Red Velvet has always been one of my favorite flavors for cake especially when it comes with it's signature cream cheese frosting.

For this cake in a jar though, I've purposely concocted my frosting with less sugar as I don't like it to be too sweet as it comes in layers. I've added more heavy cream instead and the result is really satisfying.  My Red Velvet Cake is super moist and really yummy.  Well...that's according to some people who have tasted it. :)

I have added some white and chocolate chips as toppings for this cake in a jar and this made it look even more appealing.  I am now looking into making more of this but I would like to try other flavors, as well. Any suggestions?

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