September 26, 2016

BER months are here!

Since beginning of September, I can't help but to think of how are we going to celebrate Christmas. It's only me and my daughter now so celebrating the season in a joyful manner with just the two of us will not be that easy.  I'm thinking of buying some new Christmas CD's or just download if we can find some online.  I think if we always hear Christmas songs every morning while doing household chores will be a big help to feel the Christmas spirit.  My daughter knows how to play guitar but her guitar is no longer in good condition now and in as much as she wanted to have allparts from guitar center, that would be next to impossible now.  So the best option really is to buy new CD's.  I never really had the chance to spend Christmas in a good way last year since we are very busy with the home renovation projects which were not completed in time for Christmas.  We did not even afford to have much decors as it was a bit messy around the yard and garage until 24th of December. This time around, I hope I could put up some decors at least and make some plans 2 months before Christmas time. I  am certain that if everything falls back into place, I would be able to experience Christmas the way I wanted it. :)

Good luck to me!

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