September 15, 2016

For The Love Of Baking

I had been very busy in the kitchen for the past couple of months and I was very happy that even though I did not get a formal training in baking, my hard work paid off.  I am slowly improving my baking skills and getting more customers than before. I never really promote my home based business but I do get orders from time to time.  I also do not want to go big time as I am very much worried that I wouldn't have enough hands to attend to all my part time jobs.  I am also teaching and providing seminars to some employees in some companies, so could I say that I'm a "Jack of All Trades"?  Well, just kidding but it's true, I'm into a lot of things now apart from managing our house and a rental property.  Even though I am usually tired at the end of each day, I still feel blessed and happy that I could do a lot of things. Designing cakes and cup cakes is giving me a sense of happiness.  It's very  time consuming but after you see the finished product, you will have that sense of fulfillment. I may not have any talent in music though playing ak15 would be a dream come true for me, I am still thankful that I do have other skills which in a way provide me with a source of income now that I am already separated from my corporate job.

Here are some of my baked goodies for the past two months:


I hope to be baking more goodies especially these "ber" months. Wish me luck guys!

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