September 25, 2016

Goodbye Dodie!

We have finally decided to release Dodie, our half GS, half ASPIN pet, he is already 1 and a half years old and the daughter of our oldest dog Luca.  We have decided to gave her for adoption due to a number of reasons. First, we can no longer look after her as we still have other 3 dogs in the house.  Our Shih-Tzu dog Marcus needed a full attention because he is sick, he got skin infection that occurs from time to time. It is very costly and very time consuming to look after him, so definitely we could not release him to anyone for adoption as only us who took care of him since birth will be the one to understand his needs.  Our other dog Luca, is the oldest dog in the house and releasing her for adoption wouldn't be fair for her, since she had served us well. The last one, Alonzo is a pure breed Golden Retriever and my youngest adores him so much due to his sweetness and playful ways.  I also couldn't afford to lose him somehow because he is the biggest dog in the house and our supposedly "protector".  The only choice left for us is to release Dodie because she is the newest and he is not a high maintenance dog since she is half ASPIN. Besides, he could eat anything and she is not so attached to the people in the house.  Also, we had been neglecting her as we couldn't really find enough time for everyone.  So we have decided to post her picture for possible adoption.  We were surprised with the overwhelming response.  Too many dog lovers wanted to adopt him, we got a number of queries but we have given her to the first caller who happened to be my tenant in the rental property.  They are just a couple and a kid so I thought that she would be taken care of by her new "parents" who happened to be dog lovers, as well. So we bid goodbye to Dodie about two weeks ago.

My daughter in a way felt sad with her sudden departure but our consolation was that we knew that she is now properly taken care of by her new "parents".  I was sent few photos of her in her new home by the new owner and they made sure she is well and fine. We did this for her own good and we are very happy for her.

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