November 1, 2016

Birthday Theme

My daughter will soon be celebrating her birthday and we are thinking of having a pajama theme party on that day, just an intimate one with only her closest friends.  Needless to say, it would be an all girls night. We have never done this kind of celebration before and being a family who loves surprises, I would definitely love to have a simple but a very meaningful celebration for her.  She had actually hinted me that she wants to have an overnight party with her selected friends.  After hearing that, the idea of a pajama theme party which I had been long wanting to do suddenly came out from my mind.  Then I am thinking of how are we going to do this just in case, we really want to push through with the idea. Having loud music is definitely a NO, even using brass and woodwind instruments.   So, I am thinking that probably, having parlor games and a movie night with all those popcorn and pica pica will surely be a great idea. That will be loads of fun, I guess. 

Can't actually wait to conceptualize the whole thing.  I'm sure my daughter is going to be really happy  on her forthcoming birthday.

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