November 21, 2017

Local News Matter

These days, the news cycles people take in through their tablets and Smart Phones seems to get faster and faster.  All of this can be daunting for readers who at times feel that the world is speeding up at a faster and faster pace, and that they may not be able to keep up with it all. While knowing what’s going on all across the world can be exciting, it can also be upsetting at times.

The reality is that much of the news we now experience comes from far away, in other cities and states and even in other countries. Much of what we hear about from far away is about events we have no control over. In times past, people weren’t expected to continually process details about events from cultures all over the globe, and it’s important to keep that perspective when the news gets a little too daunting to take. 

The reality is that no matter what we do, the power players in New York and Washington, D.C. will continue to do what they do, and our daily lives will likely have little impact on any of it. That’s why, for sanity’s sake, many people choose to tune out the news and reserve some time for quietly reading, talking, or getting in touch with what is happening in their local area.

Why Local News Resonates

Though local news may not always be as attention-getting as the news from the major cities, the fact is that local news has a real impact on people’s lives. For people in Southern California, local news van nuys, Studio City, Hollywood and Malibu has more real impact than what’s going on in the White House. 

A fire taking place in a nearby town will have a real impact on a person’s life, and the vote by the local school board will impact that person’s children in a real way. News about a local pumpkin patch or a Fall carnival will impact a person’s weekend plans in a big way, and on it goes. All of this is why people gravitate towards local news and take it in thoroughly. 

Ultimately, no matter how fast-paced and sophisticated the world may get, what happens on our local street will always be what really matter. So local news, reported well, does matter, and it always will. 

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